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Who We Are

I've always enjoyed makeup - I inherited it honestly from my mom, who is a makeup junkie to the nth degree. But I've really expanded from my comfort zone sharing ideas with these ladies over the last several months, and am having even more fun than before!  

The only makeup product I stick to absolutely without fail is my Trish McEvoy Definer in black - I've worn it religiously for at nearly 15 years.  I may switch out my eyeliner every now and then for color, but more often than not, I'm wearing this.  My collection isn't nearly as broad, varied, or complete as the other girls', but I still manage to have plenty of fun with it!

Um. I fell in love with make-up as a kid. I can remember sitting and watching my mom do hers. She always wore these shades of purple and pink together that just made her eyes 'pop'. I've loved it since. 

I didn't get into more upscale brands until 2008, when the Mac Hello Kitty line was released. I haven't looked back since. 

I have way too much make-up, spend too much money on it and... don't even care. I work in a business office but love doing bright colors on my eyes and nails. I love Mac, Urban Decay and Sugarpill shadows, and Zoya and China Glaze nailpolish. My favorite brushes are Mac and Sigma. Oh and I watch a lot of Youtube videos and buy things from HauteLook.

Surprise me?

I've always loved makeup, but have really expanded my collection in the last year to include more than your basic neutrals. That may or may not have been inspired by these gals. *whistles innocently* 

I work as a chemist and use my left brain a lot during the day. My morning makeup routine is a much needed creative outlet to start my day. You can usually find me at the MAC counter when new collections are released. I love seeing how other people create looks and stalk YouTube accordingly.

Temptalia, TiffanyLD, vintageortacky, and Lisa Eldridge are some of my fave gurus. Fave brands: MAC, Urban Decay, tarte, and butter London.

I'm here because Mandy made me. #peerpressure 

Seriously though, I've always loved makeup and fun colors but never checked "premium" brands until NKR hooked me up with a couple of MAC brushes then took me to the Mecca - CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet). 

I work with numbers all day in a VERY conservative office that is full of men, so I use makeup to express myself in the stuffy environment. My makeup collection is probably 1/3 of that of the other girls [see NKR and Venti], but what I have I LOVE! I try to add only if I missing something. Key word: Try. 

However, I've found that Temptalia.com reviews are a great place to start to prevent myself from buying just to buy. Also, I LOVE nail polish and accessories.

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Gettin' Gussied Up started as a Makeup Prompt Challenge but has evolved into a full blown beauty and fashion loving blog. If you are interested in joining as a blogger, please feel free to contact us!

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