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Friday, November 2, 2012



I've been meaning to post this for about 3 weeks now. Was going to do a video but time got away from me. The stuff was pilling up on my floor so I finally took pictures of it last week. Now I'm finally getting around to posting. no, I haven't been busy.

In the last few weeks, when I've been home, I've been shopping. Not that I need to be spending the money, especially with all the BAD IDEAS Jen & I have been having lately, but at the same time, my fall wardrobe needed some refreshing.

I've broken this post up by the retailers I've bought from. I'm not one of those shoppers that buys everything at one store, or even buys a whole outfit at one store. I grab elements from every store I shop and pull it together to make, IMHO, awesome outfits.

I received a coupon that expired on a payday, so after going to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday with my roommate, I dragged her over to DSW 5 minutes before they closed and high tailed it up to clearance. Found these gems. They are so cute, I had to take multiple pictures of them. THEY SPARKLE! Anyway, I have worn them already and they are super comfy, though after less than a day of wearing, one of the flowers fell off. I've sewed it back on (and destroyed a nail by pushing the needle THROUGH it in the process of reattaching the flower), but haven't worn since sewing back on. Hopefully the flowers stay on moving forward.

Old Navy
Whenever I'm near an Old Navy, I walk in. I'm almost always guaranteed to find a good deal of a basic item I can use. Last time I went in I found this AWESOME t-shirt (let's not discuss the influence, I enjoyed the games and the closing ceremonies, that's ALL) and 2 cardigans. The white cardigan is an off-white color which I was excited about. I have a couple of pure white cardigans, but only one off-white. And grey, I always need grey.

Charming Charlie
This place is heaven to me. If you have not been to one, please, I implore you, GO! There isn't one in Charlotte, but there is in Greensboro. About a month ago we had an NCH00RS gathering, including venti, lemonmartinis, chartwilightmom, and cvrdinfeathers (twitter names used to protect the h00rs). I dragged them kicking and screaming into Charming Charlie. The store is set up by color, which makes my OCD heart happy. I did some back and forth on deciding what I wanted (because I wanted it all) and landed on these four pieces. 2 were on sale, but I can't remember which 2. However, in total I spent less than $40 on 4 pieces of jewelry, which is a good day for me. I haven't worn the gold/pink necklace or the green necklace yet, but I have worn the other two. Looking to build outfits around those two soon!

Typically I shop CATO for tops. The day I went in I was specifically looking for fitted blazers but there were no blazers to be had. I'm still hunting for blazers, but I did find THE MOST AMAZING ROYAL BLUE PANTS. Like seriously, I'm in love. I'm going back for red and yellow. I have a problem. I'm aware of this, but they fit so NICE! Also picked up tights there. I haven't tried them on yet, so IDK if they'll fit, but they were cheaper than Lane Bryant, which is nice, especially since I was just getting basic black & white. I've also included a pic of me in the AMAZING ROYAL BLUE PANTS and the polka dot shirt I wore with them last week. Seriously. Love this outfit.

Target has been hit or miss for me for a while. A few years ago, it was my go-to place for cute clothes, then their plus size selection went old lady (not cool). Recently they've been bringing back more fun stuff. I've been DYING over this dress for a while (THE PINK BELT!). My dad sent me a Target gift card for my birthday, so that was my excuse to break down and buy it. Also splurged and bought the scarf, because I love scarves and cannot have enough. Haven't worn the dress yet, but the scarf was super cute with jeans and a long-sleeve white top last Friday. Also, Target.com has a great selection of plus size clothes online that don't usually make it to the stores.

Lane Bryant
I had ordered a pair of black boots from Lane Bryant and went in to pick them up. Ended up they didn't fit (effing wide calves). I returned the boots, but did pick up new jeans (not pictured), a black pencil skirt and the CUTEST pink tights. I plan to wear the pink tights with the dress from Target. I cannot wait!

I think Amanda has mentioned in the past about Lane Bryant new Genius Fit jeans. I was skeptical because I've always had a hard time getting jeans to fit from Lane Bryant. I am between sizes, so my "normal" size is too small but a size bigger is WAY too big. Plus, I'm tall, which makes it even more difficult to find jeans that fit. I must say, these jeans are AMAZING. Fit perfectly. My mother, who is the nit pickiest woman alive, pulled me aside last weekend and whispered "I think those are the best looking jeans you've ever owned." Her lips to God's ear! They aren't cheap ($60-$70, which isn't BAD but I'm a #cheaph00r) but I'm willing to pay because they look good and are comfortable. Looking into skinny jeans and another boot cut pair soon.

J.C. Penney
I've always like J.C. Penney, even growing up my mom loved to shop there. Unfortunately, there hasn't been one close to me for a while. Well that problem is fixed, a new one opened up 10 minutes from my house. I was there on opening day and picked these up. Their prices really are good. They had a ton of stuff I wanted, but I limited myself to basics.

I also picked up 2 t-shirts which aren't pictured here but I LOVE. The first is a royal blue t-shirt with silver union jack symbol (let's not discuss the UK influence in my fashion, k?). The other is a white t-shirt with a wolf printed on it (I HAD TO! WOLFH00R PEOPLE!). They are both super cute and very comfy.

Anyway, pictured here are the sweater, long-sleeve button down and tank top that I picked up. I wore the long-sleeve button down with the sweater over it this week. So. Freaking. Warm. And. Comfy. (Again, we are not discussing the #puppies influence in my fashion, k? If you don't know about the #puppies, consider yourself lucky, effing life ruiners are COSMO MEN OF THE YEAR, fuckers.)

After searching and searching and trying on way too many pairs of boots I FINALLY found a pair of black boots to fit my wide ass calves. Seriously, it should not be this difficult! I had to get a size bigger, which means my feet flop around a bit in the shoe part, but the calf don't move! Oi. Anyway, I did wear them the other day and they were comfy and cute, so thumbs up! They only come up to mid-calf, but I'm ok with that. Wore with leggings and they worked perfect.

No, that isn't the name of a hip new store, just breaking this section off. So yeah, I shop a lot. Spent way more money than I should have, but I'm pretty proud of the deals I got and with my newly refreshed wardrobe. I did rearrange my closet on my birthday (because that's just what h00rs do), moved out the summer stuff and moved in the winter stuff. It's been cold here this week so I've been snuggled up in big comfy sweaters, which makes me so glad I took the time to make the switch over.

Anyway, "technically" I'm home for this weekend and next weekend, then it's 3 straight weekends of travel, though it's all fun. BDP2 gathering up NORTH with the girls, Thanksgiving in ATL with the fam and then NYC with Jen and 5 idiot British boys that are taking over my life.

However, I leave you with this picture of my niece & nephew. Aren't they the most precious things you've ever seen? I adore them! And oddly enough, they adore Aunt Ashley!

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  1. Ash! You look totes cute...regarding the boots...you know I have tiny tiny feet and the calves of a body builder (which SUCKS) when you want boots...

    I have learned that when the shoe size gets smaller, so does the calf width of the boot...apparently they think people with tiny feet have the legs of a 2 year old! Any who...

    I have 3 pairs of boots...all of which I ordered online cause they do have Wide Calf boots...I recently have also seen "Extra Wide Calf" boots on a few websites.

    My favoritest wide calf boots are by Naturalizers...they don't look like old women shoes but are UBER comfy! <3


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