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Thursday, September 13, 2012

{Mandy} Video: Torrid, Zoya and Beauty from the Earth mini hauls

As I mentioned, I'll probably be posting a give away of this Fall collection from Beauty from the Earth mineral shadows. I didn't snap pictures of the set but when I post the giveaway I will. Still can't believe I ordered two without realizing!! It has four gorgeous fall-esque shadows in the set.

It's unfortunate that my camera was going dead and I had to rush through what I wanted to show. Below is a list of links for the stuff I was able to get to.

Remember that this weeks Makeup Prompt Challenge is "Last of Summer"! We'd love to see what you can do with that theme! We'll be posting a "recap" post with those that link us to their look.

The look I'm wearing:  Call Me Bubbles

Check out Makeup Prompt Challenge

Taupe Buckle Luna Wedge Boots
Blue Denim Cropped Leggings
Black Metallic Pin Dot Leggings
Silver Key Charm Necklace
Coral Feathers and Rhinestone Necklace
Antique Gold and Rhinestone Circular Stretch Bracelet

Zoya Nail Polish
Tracie (green)
Carly (purple)
Song (blue)
Katherine (burgundy/purple)
Reagan (pink)
Wednesday (soft blue)
Natty (navy)
FeiFei (blue/gold)


  1. You are so adorable!!! <3 I miss your face!

  2. LOVE the boots! you are too precious! "stop flashing at me!!" lol. great video, sweetness :0)

    1. It really doesn't even get cold enough here to justify but they were too cute not to buy. Thanks :D

  3. This video made me realize that you are awesome and I really miss you :(

    1. I miss you toooooooo! So very much. I was thinking about you as I fell asleep last night. It's been way too long.


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