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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{Mandy} Things I Love: Eve Pearl salmon concealer

You might have noticed that I always list Eve Pearl salmon concealer within my products I use for a "look". The first time I saw someone mention it was on twitter about a year ago. That person was xSparkage and she linked to it on HauteLook.

I've talked about that site too, only briefly. It's pretty amazing and you can get GREAT deals on fashion (men and women) and beauty products. Eve Pearls concealer is something I wouldn't have paid full price for to start off. But now that I've used it, I would be happy to shell out the money for it. Today HauteLook has Eve Pearl on sale again so I had to share here. If you snap it up you won't regret it a bit.

Below is a photo of the concealer I use. I can't say how much I love this stuff. I have a bit of darkness under my eyes, especially toward the inner corner. It takes very little of this concealer and it doesn't crease. I believe one of the other girls has even picked it up and uses it too.

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