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Monday, September 24, 2012

{Ashley} Haute Look Haul & Look: stila

I'm back! Well, for a minute. I am in the midst of a month of travel insanity. I was in Atlanta 2 weekends ago and Dallas Wednesday-Sunday of last week (Wed-Fri was work, Fri-Sun was fun). I leave this Wednesday after work for Daytona for work and return Thursday night. Next week I leave Wednesday after work for NYC for work and return Friday afternoon.

So I've been a little AWOL. I've been promising to go through my Haute Look haul for a while now. Rather than go through everything all at once, I thought I would review and do a look with each one.

So to start, I picked up the stila "santa monica blvd eye shadow set" which includes "coy", "mystic", and "poise". For my look today, I used "coy" as a highlight, "mystic" on the lid and lower lash line, and "poise" on the outer half and brow bone.

I dig the colors. "coy", like other soft pink colors, doesn't show up on my skin very well, even with primer, and I had to go a little light when using "poise" - a little goes a long way there. Over all, definitely a palette that will be in the every day rotation, especially with such rich colors that look nice for fall.

IDK why I took this pic crooked. stila "santa monica blvd eye shadow set"

stila "santa monica blvd eye shadow set"

L-R: "coy", "mystic", "poise" - used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk under the colors 

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