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Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Ashley} Beauty From The Earth Color of the Week

If you are not aware, my bestie (Mandy, NKR, my other half) uses peer pressure quite a lot on me. Granted, I usually follow her willingly, but that isn't the point! She knows I'm weak for a good deal.

The other day she sent all of us a link for a Beauty From The Earth (BFTE) Color of the Week (COTW) promotion. It was a great deal, for $6 you get the full jar of the color of the week PLUS 3 sample jars of your choice. It was good timing for me because of two things. First, Mandy had sent me a link to BFTE Look Mini Collections a few days earlier and the Sunset Sky look had caught my eye. Second, College Colors Day is coming up on Friday, August 31st to celebrate the beginning of college football season. We get to celebrate College Colors Day at my work, which means I'll need a makeup look to go with the red & black of my Georgia Bulldogs! Go Dawgs!

The Color of the Week was Love Potion #9 and I selected Sweet Nibblets (my Hannah Montana loving self was giggling for a while over that name!) and Orangery from the Sunset Sky look as well as Fire Dancer as my samples. I'm hoping to do a look this weekend with at least a couple of these colors, but wanted to go ahead and at least post swatches and jar photos. The swatches do have the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk under them just as a base so you can see the color. Without the base it was hard to see the definition because these are loose mineral eye shadows.

If you have suggestions for looks or want more info, hit me up on Twitter or email!

Top L to R - Sweet Nibblets and Orangery, Bottom L to R - Fire Dancer and Love Potion #9

L to R - Sweet Nibblets, Orangery, Fire Dancer, Love Potion #9

1 comment:

  1. I'm intrigued by the Fire Dancer one. So excited about Love Potion #9 too. It looks pretty. Crossing my fingers my order arrives tomorrow.

    Um. I'm weak when it comes to a deal too. I like to pass it on ;)


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