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Thursday, August 16, 2012

{Mandy} Things I Love: Hello Kitty "Head of the Class" Collection

If you follow me on twitter you know I really love college football. Mostly SEC. Specifically ALABAMA. You also know that I am a big fan of the Hello Kitty. She even inspired my user name. I have lots of merch, given to me by friends and family, or purchased by myself.

Football season is coming up. 'Our' first game is on September 1st and I AM PUMPED. As someone that is always looking for anything crimson colored or hounds tooth I was really excited when Cari tweeted this!

I just had to share because it's the combination of two of my favorite things. Does this mean that hounds tooth will be "in" this fall??? I HOPE SO!

There is even nail art where the hearts of the HK packet are hounds tooth!!


  1. Girlfriend!!! You and I are one in the same!! My favorite thing EVER is HK and I am all about Alabama. I rock the crimson and houndstooth proudly! Can't wait for this to come out! Great post, sweetness!

    1. *high five* HK Tiders FTW! It's out already and I might be staring at it all in my cart. Keep telling myself "NO" but but but!!!! I'm wondering what are the chances of it being sold out?! EEP.


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