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Friday, August 24, 2012

{Mandy} Things I Love: Denim from Lane Bryant

It's been quite sometime since I've been able to wear bottoms from Lane Bryant. They usually don't fit me correctly. Too big in the butt and thighs when they fit in the waist. 

On a whim, and at the suggestion of my shopping partner, I tried on a pair of jeans while browsing tops and dresses last weekend. To my surprise, their 'slim' cut was perfect!! 

I snapped up three pair because I can't resist something that sparkles. I know y'all are surprised by this news #sarcasmfont 

The third pair aren't pictured but this is the link.

Which only makes me sing that Katy Perry song. Don't you judge me for that.

These OMG THESE. While you can't see it, the button has a 'diamond' in the center. Adorable.

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