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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Ashley} Video: FOTD & new Zoya Nail Polish

Please pardon the double chin and looking away from camera!

Hope you enjoyed! Apologies if video/audio are out of sync, still figuring this out! Below are a few close ups of the eye look from today. I'll post swatches of the new Zoya nail polish when I use them!


  1. Great video! I'm so glad to see you since we haven't met in person!

    1. Thanks! It was fun, and definitely easier than typing everything out. Lazy girl!

  2. That looks suspiciously like it could be an Auburn eyeshadow look...

    1. OMG! I didn't even think of that, but you could def punch up the orange on the lid or maybe play with orange and blue as an eye liner. I originally planned on going more neutral on the lid, but the Balm colors were just so different. I think it still looked ok, but not what I had planned.


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