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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Ashley} Maybelline Mini-Haul at Target

I went a little crazy today in the makeup department at Target, but limited edition gets me every time!

I picked up 2 of the 8 limited edition colors from the Color Tattoo line from Maybelline. The two colors I picked up were Blue on By and Ready, Set, Green. There are 4 BRIGHT colors 4 more neutral shades in the limited edition set. Check here for more details and photos/swatches of the other colors. I've got swatches and pics below as well.

Both of the colors have a strong chance of being a go-to for me since they are so pigmented. I have 4 other colors from the permanent line. They are:
Tough as Taupe
Pomegranate Punk
Fierce & Tangy
Edgy Emerald

I like the Color Tattoo line from Maybelline but I don't use the colors nearly enough. I will say, Fierce & Tangy is an AMAZING color and probably my favorite from the permanent line.

The other item I picked up was "Shocking Seas" nail polish from the Maybelline Color Show line. While this isn't limited edition, the color was too pretty to walk away from. Plus, it was only $3 at Target, worth trying.

Glad I did. I'm already falling in love with this color. It's a great summer into fall transition color, bright but more in the jewel tone family. Painting my nails it was a little thin and while it isn't completely opaque after 2 coats (can still see nail line), given cost & pigmentation, I don't mind so much. I'll let you know about wear.

More pictures below. If you grab, let me know what you think! I'm definitely digging all three of these purchases. I'll try to make a look this week at some point. Still need to make a look from the COTW from BFTE from last week! EEP!

2 Limited Editions at the top and the 4 permanent line colors I have already.

L - R: Ready, Set, Green and Blue on By

L-R: Ready, Set, Green and Blue on By

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