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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mar 26th - Prompt - Rainforest

Week of Mar 26th 

We are choosing a prompt a week; a creative way of coming up with new make-up looks so we don't get bored. These prompts can be a word, a picture, theme, color or pretty much anything we think might be inspirational.

We will post a new prompt every Sunday. We (and you) have all week to create something fun then we'll post a new blog entry with our looks at the end of the week. Join us by creating your own look(s) and linking us to it in the comments of our weekly "Looks" post. You can either post it to your own blog or upload to a photo sharing site (such as photobucket).

Here are some pictorial inspirations!


  1. Totally random, but I was thinking that it's interesting how each of our favorite, or at least our go-to, makeup brands kind of reflects on our styles and comfort zones with makeup. For example, you 3 all tend towards MAC, which is a brand I've rarely used. Based on what I know of them, they tend to be more bold, and current, and vivid than the brands I default to - mostly Trish McEvoy or Dior. Don't get me wrong, I use lots of other brands, and MakeUp Forever is starting to settle into a default for me, but if I'm in a pinch and looking for something in a hurry, those are the 2 I tend to start with. Which makes sense, since they tend towards more understated and simple looks, which is my comfort zone. Of course, this is obviously not an absolute theory, I just thought it was interesting to think about. Also interesting is that as much as I default to Trish & Dior, I don't think I've used either of those lines in any of my prompt based looks - probably a sign of my concentrated effort to branch out of said comfort zone.

    (Yes, clearly I'm avoiding work entirely to studiously at this point.)

  2. I use MAC because NKR said she wouldn't be my friend any more if I didn't use it. ;) I do love bright colors, even before I got into more premiere brands I had a LOT of bright colors, just cheap stuff though. I also love Urban Decay, which is another bright color option, though their Naked palette is fantastic for more "neutral" looks. I've never used Trish McEvoy, Dior or MUFE. Not because I don't like, just haven't tried. However I do lean toward more bright colors, so if nothing bright, I'd probably not look. #muststandout


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