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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mar 12th - Word Prompt - St. Patrick's Day

We are choosing a prompt a week; a creative way of coming up with new make-up looks so we don't get bored. These prompts can be a word, a picture, theme, color or pretty much anything we think might be inspirational. We will post a new prompt every Sunday. We (and you) have all week to create something fun then we'll post a new blog entry with our looks at the end of the week. Join us by creating your own look(s) and linking us to it in the comments of our weekly "Looks" post.

Prompt for week of Mar 12th: St. Patrick's Day


  1. I believe you mean St. KIRKpatrick's Day! #nsync #fanforlife

  2. drat. I don't have MAC Fresh Flare with me and can't do st patty's day without it. will have to wait til I'm home. :)


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